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Interview with Romain Olivier, graphic designer.

Interview with Romain Olivier, the French graphic designer responsible for creating the cover of the band Septembre's remix of the song La Piscine, using the photo of the swimming pool at Villa Amapola.

Your full name: Romain Olivier
Your profession: Graphic Designer
Your nationality: French

Hi Romain, thanks for coming along to chat today!
So, you contacted us a year ago to ask if you could use the image of a dive into the swimming pool at Villa Amapola for a graphic cover for a song remix EP.
Can you tell me a bit more about this?

1) What is the name of the song? Can you give a link to the song please?

The song is called "La piscine" :

2) Who is the band and what is their style? Can you give a link to a band website and/or video?

Our band is Septembre. A french singing pop band. The band's website is

3) What attracted you to the original image of our swimming pool? What elements in particular caught your eye?

I liked the bright colors and the mostly the angle of view, which let me play with perspective : the image was style "working" in turned up side down.

4) Can you tell us about the ideas behind these changes?

The song talks about a kind of magic swimming-pool, in which we come back to childhood. That's why I wanted to create an optical illusion around a swimming-pool picture.

6) Tell us more about the remix?

There are 4 remixes of this song. This one is for me the best one :

7) Is it true that the song was partly inspired by the 1969 Jaques Deray film starring Alain Delon, La Piscine (recently remade as A Bigger Splash, with Tilda Swinton and Ralph Fiennes)?

Yes it is !

8) What other influences shaped your design? 

Erik Johansson , a swedish graphic designer and photographer.

Thanks so much Romain, wishing you loads of luck with your work ! And all the best to the band Septembre!